Reviews of James Snapp and Steven Avery on Sinaiticus replica debate hosted Joshua Gibbs - include BVDB

Steven Avery

BVBD typical Bill Brown stuff
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Well...he wasn't running from you a couple of months ago when he had access to post here and you were nowhere to be found: until of course–you showed up just in time to help get him blocked over Godhead issues (of all things).–But, I wouldn't want to debate the CJ either (if I held that it was original), there's too much hard evidence against it. (If that's what you are referring to.)

All sorts of Bill Brown reactive stuff - it takes awhile to see if there is any substance.


Sinaiticus Nonsense - 2020


I am inclined to trust the authenticity of the Codex Sinaiticus for a number of reasons. For one thing, some pages belonging to the Codex have been found - even within the last century - in neglected and long-shut rooms of the monastery that Simonides or others of his generation did not have access. For another, the Codex contains the Greek text of the Shepherd of Hermas - a valuable work that previously was available in Latin but not Greek (and the Greek text varies from the Latin); I cannot imagine a forger not only copying nearly the whole of the Greek OT include the Apocrypha and the NT but also working up a high-quality text of The Shepherd in Greek from scratch. The inclusion of The Shepherd not only persuades me of the authenticity of the Codex but also of its antiquity, to a very early century when the Shepherd of Hermas was treated as Scripture.
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