Romans 9:5 - a new claim against the AV text - adjectives are early modern English

Steven Avery

On CARM, Brian acknowledged that the commas in the AV were correct. No difference between early elocutionary and later syntactical.

However, he tried to claim a difference here on PBF, regarding adjectival usage.

I'm going to reiterate again that the KJV is an early modern English translation and the rule of the adjective in this construction has already been stated for you repeatedly as it applies in early modern English.

Offhand I don't see the earlier spots, but this is clear enough. Brian is saying modern English would give a different text than the AV.

Are you really claiming that your translation of the AV would be different today? On the CARM forum you said the early elocutionary commas and the modern syntactical commas would be identical.

Similarly, if you think the modern adjective usage leads to a different English text, then you need to give that text.
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