Shabbethai Sofer (1608)

Steven Avery


Rabbi Shabbethai Sofer wrote in 1608:
'And behold, when it is read as YH[VH], in the World to Come, then its vowels will be Shach”ak'.
Shach"ak is a Hebrew acronym that stands for the vowels Sheva Cholam Kamatz, the three vowels in the original pronunciation of God's holy Name "Yehovah". Rabbis Sofer was explaining that when the traditional ban on pronouncing God's name is finally lifted, then it will be pronounced according to its true vowels "Yehovah", and not as it is currently pronounced by tradition as "Adonai". The end to the ban will only happen, according to Rabbi Sofer, in the "World to Come", when the Messiah reigns as a flesh and blood king over the Earth. This is based on the verse, "For then I will turn the nations to a pure language to all call upon the name of Yehovah, to serve Him with one accord" (Zephaniah 3:9).

May we all gather at the rebuilt Temple next year in Jerusalem to call on the Name of Yehovah with one accord!
Published in: Teshuvot HaGeonim, Amsterdam 1707, folio 3b.