Sinaiticus parchment sheets are very flexible ... can't be dated earlier than 600 years from this date - Morozov in 1914

Steven Avery


The new quote from the top Russian scientist Nikolai Alexandrovich Morozov in his 1914 book fits perfectly with one part of our emphasis (remember that we have Helen Shenton telling us about the "phenomenally good condition" of Sinaiticus and we can see that courtesy of the BBC video):

Sinaiticus parchment sheets are very flexible as I have already said, by this simple material examination it can't be dated earlier than 600 years from this date -

История возникновения библейских пророчеств, их литературное изложение и характеристика
Prophets. Genesis of biblical prophesies, its literary presentation and characteristics.-
p. 260
Morozov was a top Russian scientist. He physically handled the manuscript.

From that, without all the special insight available today:

1) he knew as a scientist that it simply was not an ancient manuscript at all (even more so when you add in the handling theories of Tischendorf)

2) explained the Tischendorf shell game of hiding the manuscript from easy viewing and handling by European scholars

Today, the faux scholarship is deeply entrenched, and most everyone is a specialist unable to put the pieces together.

Morozov supplies a rather amazing and helpful corroboration to our many learning experiences about Sinaiticus being a recent ms.

Steven Avery

Morozov's official biography is falsified. According to his official biography, he spent most of his life in prison, where he wrote his main works (referring to a huge number of books, allegedly from the prison library). In addition, contemporary russian sources state that he signed up as a volunteer sniper in his 88 years to kill Germans in besieged Leningrad: (there was a link here, but the reddit to hide this comment, even when i manually approved it: ) Interestingly, all of his close circle were subjected to Stalin repressions, while he was unaffected by it.

That said, there is information that he was a high ranking francomason, founder of a couple of russian lodges, quote from russian wikipedia:

In the spring of 1907 Morozov even managed to get a business trip to Paris, where he intended to collect materials and give lectures on the history of the Apocalypse. In December 1907, thanks to his acquaintance with Prince D. O. Bebutov, Morozov was accepted into the Masonic lodge "Polar Star", in which he was a member at least until 1914. Through the lodge he received information about the activities of provocateurs in SR circles, with whom he maintained relations. According to V. Figner, a business trip to Paris was explained primarily by the need to notify M. A. Nathanson about the treason Azef. The Masonic lodge of the "Great East of France" existed at the Higher Courses of P. F. Lesgaft[133]. In February 1910, NA Morozov participated in the work of the Masonic Convention, which proclaimed the creation of a national Masonic obedience Great East of the peoples of Russia. According to the information cited by V. Brachev, Morozov was the Honourable Master of the lodge "Zarya Peterburga"[134]. In 1910-1932 N. A. Morozov was the permanent chairman of the Russian Society of Amateurs of World Studies, whose activities are entirely determined by the Masonic interests of its head. The society's programme included the study of myths and sacred books, including the Bible and the Talmud. The members of the society read papers on the following topics: "When the Kabbalah arose" (L. Filippov, 1913), "The Astral basis of Christian esoterism of the first centuries" (D. O. Svyatsky, 1914), "The Green Ray in Ancient Egypt" (A. A. Chikin, 1918), "Constellations in the Old Testament" (G. A. Tikhov, 1918), "The Zodiac in the Old and New Testament" (D. O. Svyatsky, 1918), "Astronomy and Mythology" (N. A. Morozov, 1920)[135]. Approximately the same subject matter was characteristic of the lecture performances of N. A. Morozov, who visited 54 Russian cities[136][137].

This man most likely had a high degree in french secret societies and access to information not available to the general public. Apparently, in addition to having full access to the Russian Imperial Library materials, he had initiated french curators.

So I have learned to be cautious about a genetic fallacy with these gentlemen. They can be accurate on specific cases even if you do not buy their general rewrite of history.

Yes, don't trust the New Chronology, in my opinion it is a purposeful project to propose a new deception in case the old deception loses its influence.

Is it your personal view that the stone was a Champollion-inspired construction, including placing in names like Ptolemy and Cleopatra?

I think this is the most likely, moreover, i think that during the Napoleon's Egyptian campaign, not only the Rosetta stone was fabricated, but also a significant part of the ancient Egyptian antiquities known today. In my opinion this Dutch pyramid illustrates this perfectly: The soldiers used the building experience gained in Egypt. Well, masons in management positions in academies deliberately maintain the myth of the "stone structure" of concrete blocks: