Spurgeon - strong in Greek, but weak in English.

Steven Avery


Hi Alexander!

A difficult quote to pin down, and it is helpful to have context.

Michael Marlowe has:


Charles Spurgeon:
"With regard to the Revised New Testament, in answer to many enquiries we are only able to go thus far. It is a valuable addition to our versions, but it will need much revision before it will be fit for public use. To translate well, the knowledge of two languages is needed: the men of the New Testament company are strong in Greek, but weak in English. Comparing the two, in our judgment the old version is the better. 3"

3. The Sword and the Trowel, 1881.


This leads to some questions.

1) Did Spurgeon ever discuss Revision Revised?

2) Did Charles Spurgeon comment on the fact that the Greek text of Westcott Hort claims the Pericope Adulterae and the ending of Mark are not authentic scripture?

3) Did he ever discuss the book by George Vance Smith. "Texts and margins of the revised New Testament affecting theological doctrine briefly reviewed".


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