statisitculation - writing to obscure and divert from the real issues

Steven Avery

This is an introduction to one of the tricks used in the Homestead Heritage literature in order to mask their very weak Bible position.


Statisitculation - Writing to Obscure and Divert from the Real Issues

Then when the mangling statistics came by, to try to mask the gross corruption, which you used in Question 13, there were classic examples of what Darrell Huff called in his book How to Lie with Statistics - statisticulation.

How to Lie With Statistics, Darrell Huff, p. 76, 1993 edition, originally 1954

If you can't prove what you want to prove, demonstrate something else and pretend that they are the same thing. In the daze that follows the collision of statistics with the human mind, hardly anybody will notice the difference. The semi-attached figure is a device guaranteed to stand you in good stead. It always has. - p. 76 Ch. 7 The Semiattached Figure

Advertisers aren't the only people who will fool you with numbers if you let them. - p. 79

Misinforming people by the use of statistical material might be called statistical manipulation; in a word (though not a very good one), statisticulation. - - Ch. 9, p. 102 How to Statisculate

The title of this book and some of the things in it might seem to imply that all such operations are the product of intent to deceive. The president of a chapter of the American Statistical Association once called me down for that. Not chicanery much of the time, said he, but incompetence. - p. 102

the distortion of statistical data and its manipulation to an end are not always the work of professional statisticians. - p. 103

But whoever the guilty party may be in any instance, it is hard to grant him the status of blundering innocent. ... As long as the errors remain one-sided, it is not easy to attribute them to bungling or accident. - p 103
This common tendency in writing and numbers may help understand the huge significance of Homestead Heritage using a bundle of false and bogus diversion statistics to try to mask the pure Bible issues. Homestead Heritage did not even have the gumption and scholastic integrity to tell the reader of The Bible about the real degree of difference in the modern versions. Versions whose text Homestead Heritage purportedly rejects. Not one word! No mention whatsoever in a moderate length book on the Bible.

Why? One major reason, in their daily praxis, Homestead Heritage uses the corruption texts. So it would be awkward to point out in any literature the corruption. Oh, what a web! Another major reason, there are so many blunders and errors in the modern versions that they effectively deep-six apologetics and any high view of the Bible. Homestead Heritage surely did not want to point that out problem in a Bible apologetics book. Not when you use the blunderama corruption versions daily!


Later, I plan to show the "Question 13" section.


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