Textus Receptus Academy - creedalist and mariolatry proponents try heresy-hunting

Steven Avery

Good info on the creeds, on the apostasy (yahweh devil and mariolatry) of Sam Shamoun, dueling anathemas, and the London Baptist Confession avoiding "persons", and more!

Plan to bring detail in below!

Sam Shamoun gets credit for an incredible find from 1999!
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Textus Receptus Academy
OP by Luke Carpenter - Athanasian Creed (note how he abandons actual discussion quickly)

Pure Bible - Steven in Bayside, Queens, 1999 asks superb question to islamist

Textus Receptus Academy
Arthur Custance - Seed of the Woman - contra the false doctrine of the immaculate conception

Textus Receptus Academy
Derwood Fetherbay
Athanasian Creed

Textus Receptus Academy
We had two low-Christology posters trying to fight the heavenly witnesses and they are against Matthew 28:19 booted
Matthew McFarland and Adam something (not sure if Adam was booted.

Nick Sayers
Here are two vids I did on “Mariolotry or Mariology”


Bill Brown, always good for a laugh

Pure Bible laughs at Brown histrionics

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Steven Avery

BVBD - a sensible overview from one poster

First, he agrees with my pointing out that Letis was really against the heavenly witnesses and saw Erasmus as a problem.

Letis on Erasmus (sees Erasmus as fermenting anti-Trinitarianism)

Begin at about the 19:00:00 mark and continue for a few minutes or so.
I also fully understand that some believe Erasmus was an "Orthodox" Trinitarian. Yet, the evidence leads me to think otherwise

Perhaps...but it's not like Avery has given us much to go on.

Question: Who started calling Avery a "Unitarian" (and why)?–Because this is incorrect.

And who is going around stating that he is a "Modalist"? Both Avery and Sayers deny this! Has anyone actually asked Avery if he believes that the Father suffered on the cross i.e. Patripassianism ? Because this was the general way of earmarking this belief in the past...so, has anyone inquired on this?

And Avery has also stated repeatedly that he is not anti-trinitarian , yet it seems that all three of these pejoratives have been unjustly applied to him, and circulated around his name as of late. I'll grant that Avery needs to be more forthcoming on the issue, but the spreading of this type of misinformation about (and with the intent to humiliate and discredit) him is slander in this context.
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