the #1 Secret of Homestead Heritage

Steven Avery

This is easy.

Yahwehism (and the enroachment of Yahshua)

Which they call "Yahweh-worship" and consider the highest type of worship
(plan to bring some quotes here.)
Elbowing aside the
Lord Jesus Christ in prayer, (and the true name Jehovah) in prayer, worship, song, 'prophecy' ministry, and even water baptism, the one where they want you to "pledge the old nature".

"Yahweh" is not the Father, not the God of Israel, it is not JHVH or YHVH, it is NOT a light error. This name is the devil entity Jupiter that you can read about in Acts 14 and 19, and in the history of abominations against the Hebraic faith and the Temple. (Even the Samaritans for one period dedicated their Temple to Jupiter, which helped lead to the scholastic confusion that brought in the devil entity Yahweh to liberal Christianity in the late 1800s.)


In their public face, this is almost invisible. There was a Yahweh Lives album by Spring of Hope, but that has a very low profile. The false dark-side name Yahweh is not on their website, afaik.

Yet, once they draw you inside, the mask comes off. You are to be groaning and praying to this devil entity 'Yahweh'

Their scholarship behind this is extremely weak, and any conversations they have about it will be super-secret, and it is likely that the person will be pledged to secrecy, if they see the internal literature (as happened with one UPC pastor making inquiries.)

The struggling and apostate churches often do not understand the depth of the enemy Yahweh and since they are not involved in active worship, this problem can slip by.


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the #1 secret within Homestead Heritage
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