the 14-day trick to expand the "unvaccinated" hospitalizations to include many jabbed

Steven Avery


Also in Facebook - The Infectious Myth 2.0

Note: This trick is also used in the trials for similar purposes.
We were discussing this on a Facebook group and were wondering about some of the neat graphs that purport to show that the un-jabbed are loading up the hospitals, "Covid Hospitalizations", which appear to be scripted from Central Covid Crisis planing. And I will extract part of our discussion, and have approval to use the gentleman's name. Some may be mirrored on Gab.
Note: this is simply a report on a conversation. Anyone is welcome to help us research this more excellently.
Lamar Williams So I dug into this a little and it would seem their main technique for manipulating the numbers is by counting anyone that's not 14 days post final shot (2nd regimen for Pfizer/Moderna and Single for J&J) as "unvaccinated". This means you could have had your second Moderna shot 13 days and 23 hours ago but if you're admitted with "Covid like symptoms" (which I'm sure we can all agree could be caused by injecting yourself with poison) then you count as "unvaccinated" and go into their stats as such. Or you could have had one dose of Pfizer / Moderna 3 months ago but if you've been ill since then and then finally seek care at the hospital you still count as "unvaccinated." See the problem here?
They know full well what they are doing and they do understand that any regular person on the street would define "unvaccinated" as having had ZERO shots ever and it's by manipulating that logical conclusion that most people would come to when they see the term "unvaccinated" that they are able to disarm most people's skepticism before it's ever triggered and to manufacture this propaganda.
Steven Avery Lamar Williams - well done. And I had noticed that 14-day trick in the trials, where they used it to downsize jab reactions by calling it latent covid. Big sham. They have protocol violations they can use, e.g. if they kill a newly conceived baby, the gal is already out of the trials! Also add what Torsten pointed out. They want new admissions to be unjabbed, so they can take any non-fully-documented case and call it un.
Lamar Williams
Steven Avery Yes, there's essentially nothing new under the sun. It's really just a matter of attacking their defenses until you see what they shy away from most. They will not answer when asked how many have actually received zero arm poison doses and eventually they'll ban anyone asking. That's pretty much the proof in my mind at least. Sure, there could be other things at work here too of course but trying to keep it simple it looks like: 1) Person injects poison in their arm. 2) They get sick in less than 14 days in most cases. 3) Many even end up in the hospital. 4) Hospital counts them as being "un"poisoned because it hasn't been 14 days yet. 5) Hospital publishes this bogus data and panics more people into poisoning themselves to prevent the illnesses that are coming from people poisoning themselves that they're not counting as self induced poisoning.
It's really kind of genius. And stupid. Genius stupid. Or something like that.
Torsten K ... that would of course also be a convenient way to redefine people with short notice post-vax complications as unvaxxed covid-patients.
The 14 days "grace period" is "brilliant" in the sense, that even if clinic staff is thorough and looks up whether they are vaxxed, they'd have to be discount those not over the 14 days period. Interesting way to fabricate data. =========================
Lamar Williams Torsten K - That's exactly what they're doing. I have no doubt about it. The proof is in the pudding that they absolutely refuse to answer when asked how many of those they are defining as "unvaxxed" have actually received zero shots. They will not answer and eventually they'll ban anyone asking.
Torsten K
The thing got plausible deniability, so just ignore questions that may clarify things, but sketch another picture, you don't want the audience to look at. And well, they got Means, Motive and Opportunity to do so. The best way to cover up quax complications and steep up Coronaphobia is to declare them unvaxxed covid cases.
Steven Avery Dutchess County, NY, USA
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