the attitude of the library administrations in London and Leipzig toward testing Sinaiticus

Steven Avery

This short post was in response to a Facebook inquiry or two as to the cancelling of the planned tests and the attitude of the keepers of the Sinaiticus ms. in London and Leipzig.

It was placed on one forum and on the David W. Daniels thread here:{"tn":"R0"}

Until about 4 years ago everyone ?knew? Sinaiticus was ancient, 4th century, so why bother. Who cared about the gadfly journalist Chris Pinto? And Chris was only about 6 years ago.

The CSP project opened some eyes that the ms. was in ?phenomenally good condition.? Helen Shenton of the British Library let that slip (we should save the audio.).

Then we corresponded with the British Library about the blatant huge colour anomalies, especially the 1844 white parchment Leipzig section compared to the ?yellow with age? (or was that sage, herbs and lemon juice) 1859 section at the British Library. So at that point, you did not have to be a Morozov to be a-wondering. The Brits, to their credit, were cordial, although forced to try to make some blithe evasion excuses.

When Leipzig planned the 2015 tests (that would likely blow the charade sky-high) in 2014, the concerns were likely considered as very minor whispers, so nothing much to lose. By the time of the 2015 cancellation, I will conjecture (and it is only conjecture) that internally at Leipzig there was some real nervousness, so let?s cancel this out, and play safe .. for now. Maybe it can blow up on the watch of the next group of museum apparatchiks.

Leipzig has been very silent, a number of people have worked closer with the manuscript, I think some there know, or strongly suspect, the hard truf.

For the Brit upper crust and scholarly clique, this will be quite a huge embarrassment, especially with the 1930s purchase hoopla and the 2009 CSP propaganda (BBC pushing.). For the Germans, you have a huge issue of national pride when it is discovered that they were Tischen-dupes.

For the scholarly textual criticism cabal, their ?deeply entrenched scholarship? is like double-blinders.

Thank you Lord Jesus for brothers in the faith, including Chris and David Daniels, who were concerned to search for truth, ignoring the darts a-whizzin.