the early days of virology and cell hijacking theory - Beijerinck to Rivers

Steven Avery

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“Viruses should be considered as viruses because viruses are viruses.”
– Pioneer virologist André Lwoff in 1957

"inability to propagate themselves in the absence of susceptible cells”
Thomas M. Rivers (1932)


History Exposed

Medicine From Bad Pharma To Bad Science: Includes Covid-19 The UN-told Story Part 4
edited by Rui Alexandre Gabirro, Emunctologist


In 1957 Andre Lwoff articulated an explicit definition of
viruses, which I will designate the "modem concept of

Essentially, this was a definition in chemical and
structural terms, which was based upon the functions of the
various components which could be discerned.

In 1962 this was expressed by the biophysicists Donald
Caspar and Aaron Klug
as follows:


The Illusion of Viral Contagion (2021)



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