The Gifts God gave to women, verses of women !


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We start The first part of it we begin with everything since Genesis to the law deuternomy, the first part consist of the high status women have " Before the law of the ten commandments " is what we call part 1. In part 1 will their be high status, equal status and low status in this we explain the events where women had God's favor over men and did the will of God and his plan.

The powers women have God gave them and explain them in turn of events how they use them in the time before the law of moses. We start with the beggining God created men and women the first laws.

Genesis 1:26-28 God made men and women like his image.

Genesis 2:18-24 it is not Good for man to be alone and made women for him. And made women from the rib of men.

God told men in this verses that both govern together the earth.

When we recieve commands from the lord when he created men and women. God wanted women to use thier powers to rule over the earth those powers were love and hope but when man sinned and went to live in the wilderness what were more powers of God that gave women to survive there what were the moments when women defends itself in A world where the law of " An eye for an eye", from the law of " the point of the sword " you get what you want ?, and " The law of the strongest ruled " like the Babylonian made and Assyrians made in those times. What did women do to follow the plan of God and do his will ? And what was thier story.

Their was women in those times that did do the will of God and completed the law. Who were faithul to the lord there was Sarah, Hagar, and Rebekah.

Like Hagar who was mother of the arab nations , God bless her and protected her.

The first verses of high status of first part.

Gen 17:7-14 and 16:10 God send abgels to save Hagar and her son. She was awarded to have A nation like Abraham but she had no husband she recieve more than A man in those times.

Even in those times made men and women equal in those times this an equal status.

Like Abraham and Sarah who were part of the marriage both share the descendacy.

Genesis 26:4 I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky, and I will give them all these lands, and through your offspring all nations of the earth will be blessed,

Both are equal for both to talk to God.

Gensis 18:10 Both of them share the privilage of talking to God.

God talk to Abraham and told she was going to be pregnant. Sarah was treated equal by other men in those times even though Sarah did not want to and Abraham lied to save his life Abimelech put laws in those times and Sarah benn A woman of God got treated in equal status in those times by law.

Genesis 20:14 she given something equal things for the transgression and got vindicated.

We see in those times Sarah had recieve more and was equal to Abraham but also than Sarah A woman had higher status and that was Rebekah was given A choice

Genesis 24:57 The lord commands Abraham to have girl for his son and if the girl does not want to go and dissolve the promise God let the girl decide and she was asked.

God gave something to women that A man didn't and women did and that was choice in that instance men are always drones that obey God in the old testament but A women was given A choice and God told Abraham of what was going to happen and the father of Rebekah asked her if she wants to go or not ? God let the young lady to decide the future of Israel.

This show women were powerful and had choice to decide.

women can also decide the name of child without the husband and here are the verses. In those times women can decide without men what the name will be.
A high status position

Eve named Seth Gen 4:25
Leah and Rachel named thier children chapters 29 and 30 chapters of Genesis see the whole story.
Rachel named Genesis 39:19
Hannah named Samuel 1 samuel chapter one

This show that in those times only women named thier children and didn't need the approval of men.

As the story continues we see women ahd the approval of God and had higher status and equal status in those times.
We see Isaac prayed so Rebbeca could have A child Genesis 25:21-34
Here women had higher status becuase man did the work for her and prayed on her behalf to obtain here promise from the lord.

Here in this vers higher status for women here Rebekah does the historic thing of inquiring the lord

Genesis 25:21-23 Here she talks to God few have done so.

When Leah was goona have kids and jacob loved her less than Rachel. She prayed for the lord for children and gave 4 and God gave her special place in Jacob for her children and she thank God for it and named judah in honor of God agve Leah.

Genesis 29:31

The lord also listen to Leah and A women who was special was heard by Leah

Genesis 30:17

Also women in those time gave names to children also participated in Genealogies in sense to thier families.
an equal status position

Genesis 5 the whole chapter gives genealogies

Genesis 46:5 another genealogy with men and women named as equals showing they were important too.
Genesis 46:15 there were sons of Leah
Gensis 46:17 Another Genealogy
Numbers 26:33 Another Genealogy
Numbers 26:46 Another Genealogy

As we see in those times their was higher status and equal status women were given and did the plan of God and his will.
Women did do good in the eyes of the lord. Did women have lower status yes in this time A women could not be queen, could not be judge in court, could not go to war as A soldier only men fought some women in other culture fought but women from Abraham's lot and Isaac and Jacob did the fighting with men. Women cannot participiate becuase of so much violence in those days and were more fragile and if women get captured were ransomed by enemy tribes.

But still despite many thing that stopped them they did the will of God and with faith and love did his will.

Their were women sage in those times and women could be leaders in tribes like Deborah who was prophet but won't talk about her yet some towns had women as old ladies to gudie them in town councils so women did leader in towns and cities in those times.

We have talked about " Before era of the law of moses " The first part now we would continue the next post in the time of moses, what are the highg status, equal status, and low status of the law and it is big but had 6 months studying so know the answers.