the Homestead Heritage Version

Steven Avery

the Homestead Heritage Version

This began in 1999.

Blair was supposed to have an anointing to make the special English Bible.
The really good one.

"to weed out the corruption that had polluted all English translations"

And I talked to Asi about it in 2016, he gave me a line that I do not believe was really accurate. We talked about what the text would be. Asi said it would be the King James Bible text, but little notes where scholarship indicated that the AV was wrong. We did not discuss whether they would put yahweh and/or yahshua into the text. (Which would make it very much NOT AV.) And whether they would change other theophoric names.


An area where Blair was on the wrong side of truth. They should only have promoted the Authorized Version. And then they could write any separate commentaries.


This is planned to be expanded.

Contributions appreciated.
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