the literature changes from 1975 to 1990 to today - The Bedrock

Steven Avery

The Bedrock, 1988

jumps around many versions, sometimes does not say.
The early church analysis is reasonably interesting.

Is Yahweh-worship the central theme?


p. 1 Introduction - says they use Yahweh, and recommends a Hal leluyah book

p. 61 Yahweh manifested in the flesh. (falsely given as KJV which NEVER uses Yahweh) p. 182 p. 212 p. 231

There used to be economic trinity around page 70

p. 72 He is Yahweh, and he changes not

p. 130 - if every knew must bow to Yahweh (they deceive, giving Yahweh in a supposed quote from NIV and KJB)

p. 210 - Yahshua

p. 215 - more Yahshua

p. 223 - Redeemer Saviour

p. 227 Joel 2:32

p. 238 - one Lord, One Yahweh
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