the quaqmire of state dependency

Steven Avery

Augut 3, 3021

First, let me say that personally I am sympathetic with groups that try to be outside state jurisdiction. Years ago, the Embassy of Heaven group in the Northwest USA was an example, similarly a sacred name group in Pueblo and some are in the news today.


Back when the fellowship was 5-10 years old, they considered being self-sufficient, outside the government purview, in the manner of the Amish, who successfully pulled out of the Social Security system and many other taxes. The flip-side is that the community cares for its own, cradle to grave.

Apparently the goodies of Social Security and stimulus checks and other government handouts was too attractive. So now you have it normative for those FICA checks and stimulus checks to be rolling in.


However, in some or many cases they avoid registering their children with the state with a birth certificate. Just this week, one young lady shared her incredible legal difficulties getting a birth certificate, needed for a driver's license and passport, when she left Homestead Heritage.

This seems very strange. You would think that they would make a point of helping keep the proper records and then aiding the person who left who needed such simple state recognition.

There is an underlying fly in the ointment. The mid-wives on the land, or birth assistants or whatever term they use, are apparently unregistered with Texas (rules vary state by state) and thus they could be subject to sanctions or maybe criminal prosecution. Even back in the 80s in Colorado there was at least one dicey incident. The fellership understandably wants to avoid any hospital visit after a birth, and this is often achievable, but there are times when that looks to be the life-saving method.

Also, what about emergency medicine? When someone passes out and they do not have the proper emergency medicine skills? (They appear to be rather weak in this area.) And we should discuss the special cases like that of the passing of Virginia Rose.


Some of these issues first came up in the 1980s and the questions of taxes being paid by the wood-workers with Kevin Durkin.


The beginnings of an outline and study.

Your thoughts welcome.
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