the warning - NO positive usage of "yahweh"

Steven Avery

AV verses with Jehovah and JAH


"yahweh" is a terrible corruption.

This word, the name only of a dark-side entity, not the Father, not the God of Israel, should never be used in a positive way:
Never used in:

reading a version (discard, or put away privily, the version if you are the owner, possibly keep it remotely available for research)
worship - (recommend walk, or run the aisle OUT, if you run into this abomination in worship or song)

In 2009, I was at a Thanksgiving weekend fair at Homestead Heritage. They had changed the words of "Days of Elijah" (most of the music was fine) and the Holy Spirit impelled me to run the aisles out of the tent .. to not be buffeted by the false name. Thank you Lord Jesus for your protecting hand.


The pure AV uses:

GOD .. (in places where LORD would give "lord LORD)



A similar warning goes with "yahshua", which is a mangling that was created out of thin air, by "Sacred Name" USA know-nothings, c. 1930, just to match the faux "yahweh."

While not directly a dark-side entity, you know the two cohort of connivences go together.
(Some will try to change dozens of Hebrew names that are Jeho- in our pure Bible.)
And I would strongly suggest similarly avoiding other absurd fabrications, like "yahuah".


And the AV 1611 placed the full Hebrew name, with the proper vowels, on the top of the title page.