three 'insider' quotes about Sinaiticus - Helen Shenton, Sara Mazzarino, Elisabeth Fritsch-Hartung

Steven Avery

Sara Mazzarino - Email 2013 (conservation expert, formerly with the British Library)
"What I can certainly say is that the conservation conditions of CS are absolutely perfect in is current state"

Elisabeth Fritsch-Hartung, photographer at the Leipzig University Library, who photographed the white CFA pages in Leipzig.
"The pages were in a very good state according to conservation standards."


Helen Shenton - British Library
One of the things we found is that the parchment, which is 1600 years old, is in phenomenally good condition.
Helen Shenton, 3:38.
A BBC article on the the Codex Sinaiticus.

"the parchment ... is in phenomenally good condition" - Helen Shenton


Any other manuscripts that are supposed to be 1650 years old that are:

"absolutely perfect in is current state"


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