tracking down Sinaiticus corrector palaeography

Steven Avery

This would help at least to separate the correctors (Ken Penner says nine in Isaiah) even if it does not date them accurately.

We know that Tischendorf gives us nothing.

Many Sinaiticus dates were plugged in by Tischendorf, but he did not give reasons for the plugged in dates, a point noted by Skeat & Milne :

"In no case does he give any details of the characteristics of the various hands he professed to identify, and we must assume that, in the main, he was guided solely by the general appearance of the script” (Milne and Skeat 1938:18).

And Joseph Verheyden called this a "fairly disturbing comment".

And the Tischendorf dates were circular to his presuppositions and the results that he desired. He seemed to simply plug in whatever he wanted and it has been accepted without concern for 150 years.


We will check Skeat
Dirk Jongkind
Penner only gives a reference to Myshrall

Steven Avery

The Skeat comment on the scribes. Does the same apply to correctors?