twitter - Christine Massey - correcting Francois Balloux on supposed covid isolation/purification and electron microscope pic

Steven Avery

There are a number of solid posts questioning the picture from Francois Massey.
One says it comes from 2006, that is in post #4.

This is one of the few times that the basic issues have made it to an interesting thread, there are some discussions on off-guardian, including one involving Pieter Borgas, but they are very limited on the pics that help this discussion.


This was the earlier Dec 11 thread with Christine Massey. Note that she is excellent on the virus isolation con but steers clear of the falsity of mondern virus chain reaction theory.


A few days later we have this excellent thread where Christine challenges Francois Balloux.

Steven Avery
Hi Francois, Four somethings. Was the finger-count of particles part of a culture with gazillions of identical particles in sick individuals? Or autopsy? As expected from the viral chain reaction theory. Aka life-cycle of viruses. And if not, why not such a picture? Thanks!

Christine, you are right about no isolation/purification of Ovid,excellent!
A more fundamental question is what proof or real evidence there is for the various steps in modern virus chain reaction theory.
modern virus theory - virus chain reaction

Christine Massey

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