two lines - two streams - two trees ( from Benjamin Wilkinson )

Steven Avery

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Here is a little history of showing two stream problems.

Glenn Conjurske (1947-2001)
Doug Kutilek
Rick Norris

challenged the two streams concepts.

And I noticed that in important points they were right. The idea of putting the Old Latin with the good guys and Vulgate as bad was clearly false, and already falsified the charts.

We had learned that the Vulgate was a positive force in 1500s TR development, a partner with the Greek preservation.

And I started stating this publicly no later than 2010, one of the Baptist forums remains up.

Also I worked out how Benjamin Wilkinson brought this forth, how it fit with Adventist positions that emphasize the Waldensians, and with some complexity, how he twisted and mangled the scholarship of Frederick Nolan.

Lots of this I placed on the purebibleforum.

two lines - two streams - two trees ( from Benjamin Wilkinson )

Tepl mythology from Benjamin Wilkinson - part of two streams

And then Bryan Ross took lots of this to new levels in recent years, and generally helping instruct the AV defender audience,
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