Victorinus of Pettau - Revelation

Steven Avery

F. F. Bruce in 1938 gave a very fine 15-page review of the Victorinus of Pettau Revelation material.

The Earliest Latin Commentaryon the Apocalypse

" [Reprinted with revisions in A Mind For What Matters (1990). pp.198-212.] "

A Mind for What Matters (1990)
F. F. Bruce


Johannes Haussleiter in 1916 is here.

Victorini episcopi Petavionensis Opera

English edition
Textus Receptus Academy

Does anyone know where to find Andreas Gallandius' edition of Victorinus' 3rd century commentary on the Apocalypse? I found the critical edition by Johannes Haussleiter but it is based mainly on 15th/16th century mss. Most other mss are from Jerome recensions, to my understanding.


A Commentary on the Apocalypse of The Blessed John (1870) (1870) - CCEL scan

The notes from Johannes Quasten given in Wikipedia should be:

Patrology Vol 2
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