virus denialism - Christine Massey list - do any focus in lack of cell replication science?

Steven Avery

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Steven Avery

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People loved that show.

Here is my main contribution to the “no virus” camp, posted with Christine Massey, a star like Celia.


Hijacking Cell Replication Functions?

There is an area where the virus pushers are given a free pass.

Virology “science” has a core belief that dead/inactive RNA/DNA “viruses” enter cells (conceivable) and then hijack cell replication functions (truly an amazing theory, which would require robust proof), followed by bursting (lysis) or budding, so the legions of newly created viruses can continue their dastardly cycle,

If this was science you would see the replicable break-through proof experiments, c. 1950-75, listed on the history of virology chronology charts. Nope, nothing there, that part of virology science is lacuna.

So, in fact, there is no virology science, there is a faith belief that was built on scholastic osmosis and sustained by the circularity of false assumptions.

The virus disinformation establishment has no answer to this missing link.