Was Codex Sinaiticus Written In 1840! by Jack Moorman

Steven Avery

Was Codex Sinaiticus Written In 1840! (2018)
Jack Moorman

The goal here is twofold:

1) any new material of significance
( He did have a note about Sinaiticus you being tested for authenticity for two hours by Harold Idris Bells

2) does he repeat Cooper and Sorenson errors?
(some of that should be on the Facebook thread below, revieing his talk)

Facebook jonathan.sheffield.750/posts/539250243257401
"Elijah Hixson - I pointed out some of the Jack Moorman Sinaiticus problems in his DBS talk here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/purebible/permalink/1799737033451511/
He was influenced by the Bill Cooper errors. And the ending of Mark was a major disaster. For this reason I did not bother with his: "Was Codex Sinaiticus Written in 1840! " Just giving it one quick reference en passant on the Pure Bible Forum.

Dean Burgon Society - 7/28/2018
An 1830's Date for Codex Sinaiticus?

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