what really happens with mRNA and the claimed creation of the spike protein?

Steven Avery

Is the current explanation valid?

Does it actually create spike proteins?
And how .. by hijacking cell replication?
Or simply a one-to-one building bloc?

Fact Check-No evidence spike proteins from COVID-19 vaccines are toxic


Here is a different question. In the theory of mRNA coming through a jab, to create spike proteins, how many mRNAs start circulating in a jab? Do they "hijack cell replication"? Leading to lysis? Are they pulled in the cell? Or is it more 1-to-1 construction? Inquiring minds.
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Steven Avery

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what actually happens with mRNA jabs creating spike proteins

There are a number of writers who claim tremendous harm from the mRNA jab. That is not my question here.

And I wondered about the mechanism where the mRNA is supposed to enter some cells and then go over to the protein production section and give the command to make spike proteins. I have been skeptical. What particular cells are targeted? Which cells? How many spikes are made?

(Note: I am also ultra-skeptical of the theory of the life-cycle of the virus where dead/inactive "viruses" supposedly hijack cell replication. I would use Stefan Lanka as an example of that skepticism from a person who used to be a virologist.)

Note that some opponents of the jabs do accept this scenario, but they say it goes haywire, and can affect the body far and wide, causing damage e.g. to the woman's cycle and fertility. Then you have some jab analysts who talk of graphene oxide, you have the Spanish group La Quinta Columna, and you have the recent situation in Japan with 1.6 million contaminated Moderna vials. So there are reasons to wonder.

However, I heard Andy Kaufman, in one of his tapes, raise a question about the science of the spike proteins. I was fascinated because he was addressing my unasked question! He said that had looked at the papers that claimed the mRNA and spike protein activity, and they did not really show that spike proteins were created. He said that one sort of tried, but in an awkward way that was totally unconvincing.

I did not bookmark the url, but in a pinch I could try to find it again. In fact, looking at my browser history it might well be:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Germs, Disease & The Science
On Bitchute, so you can find the url. Also I was listening a bit on Odysee.

So is it really proven, or not, that mRNA creates spike proteins when injected into muscular tissue?

Your thoughts welcome.

Steven Avery

See Linkman for post info

Daniel Roytas

Facebook Post - Andy Kaufman on Spike on Sons of Liberty

Facebook Live - Andrew Kaufman on Sons of Liberty
Andrew actually raised the question, that I often raise, whether or not there really is any mRNA creation of spike proteins.

Also look at Ashley Fae stuff
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Steven Avery

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Steven Avery

The Spike Protein

If one were to think about this critically and logically, one would ask the same questions that should be asked about the evidence for the existence of any “virus.” How was this spike protein discovered? Has this protein ever been observed in nature? Was it purified and isolated directly from the fluids of sick humans or was it a creation of the cell culture process? How was its functioning determined? Were proper controls carried out in any of the studies?

It should be clear to anyone who has ever looked into the original papers supplied as evidence for the “coronaviruses” that the spike protein is nothing but a creation based off of the staining patterns of random particles chosen as the representation for the alleged “virus.” Sometimes these spikes appear in the electron microscope images and other times they do not (even though they are said to be there):



Jeffrey Strahl
July 12, 2022
Many (probably most) anti-jabs activists feel like they’re getting so much mileage from hyping the spike protein that they may be some of the hardest people to convince that there is no evidence for such a protein, let alone that the shots cause the bodies of the jabbed to create it. Thanks a LOT for this, Mike!


July 12, 2022 at 10:24 pm

The viral particle itself is said to contain spike proteins on its surface. Next, the viral particle is said to enter the cell and release its RNA, which in turn hijacks the ribosome and causes it to produce more viral particles. These newly created particles then escape the cell to move on to penetrate other cells whereby the process is repeated.
In view of this why can’t virologists extract these cells, which have been hijacked and are actively producing viral particles, with spike proteins on their surface, directly from the human host and apply the EM preparation to the extracted material and produce EM micrographs showing the viral particles? Maybe they did try this but were unable to produce viral particles because they don’t exist.

Many (probably most) anti-jabs activists feel like they’re getting so much mileage from hyping the spike protein that they may be some of the hardest people to convince that there is no evidence for such a protein, let alone that the shots cause the bodies of the jabbed to create it. Thanks a LOT for this, Mike!


Our friendly virologists are doing exactly the same thing – they complicate the position by introducing all of these indirect methods with a plethora of complex results in an effort to confound the judgment of those with little knowledge of the game – namely virology, which begins with a lost position due to the absence of material.

Now let us take an assessment of the position.

1) do cells contain ribosomes?
2) can these ribosomes, if they exist, be programmed by synthetic mRNA to produce spike proteins?
3) are there antibodies and if so do they attack spike proteins if they exist?
3) do the mRNA vaccines in fact have mRNA inside of their lipid nanoparticles?
4) could these nanoparticles be constructed from graphene oxide nanotubes with a polyethylene glycol coating?
5) if so, is it necessary for them to contain mRNA or are they sufficiently cytotoxic to cause cell death with the consequent production of exosomes with surface spike characteristics?

In answer to these questions:

1) we don’t know
2) we don’t know
3) we don’t know
4) it is possible because the technology exists.
5) graphene oxide nanoparticles
are cytotoxic without synthetic mRNA.

Based on analysis of the position it is certainly not necessary that anyone take an mRNA vaccine or any kind of vaccine through an error in judgment.

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