what really happens with mRNA and the claimed creation of the spike protein?

Steven Avery

Is the current explanation valid?

Does it actually create spike proteins?
And how .. by hijacking cell replication?
Or simply a one-to-one building bloc?

Fact Check-No evidence spike proteins from COVID-19 vaccines are toxic


Here is a different question. In the theory of mRNA coming through a jab, to create spike proteins, how many mRNAs start circulating in a jab? Do they "hijack cell replication"? Leading to lysis? Are they pulled in the cell? Or is it more 1-to-1 construction? Inquiring minds.
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what actually happens with mRNA jabs creating spike proteins

There are a number of writers who claim tremendous harm from the mRNA jab. That is not my question here.

And I wondered about the mechanism where the mRNA is supposed to enter some cells and then go over to the protein production section and give the command to make spike proteins. I have been skeptical. What particular cells are targeted? Which cells? How many spikes are made?

(Note: I am also ultra-skeptical of the theory of the life-cycle of the virus where dead/inactive "viruses" supposedly hijack cell replication. I would use Stefan Lanka as an example of that skepticism from a person who used to be a virologist.)

Note that some opponents of the jabs do accept this scenario, but they say it goes haywire, and can affect the body far and wide, causing damage e.g. to the woman's cycle and fertility. Then you have some jab analysts who talk of graphene oxide, you have the Spanish group La Quinta Columna, and you have the recent situation in Japan with 1.6 million contaminated Moderna vials. So there are reasons to wonder.

However, I heard Andy Kaufman, in one of his tapes, raise a question about the science of the spike proteins. I was fascinated because he was addressing my unasked question! He said that had looked at the papers that claimed the mRNA and spike protein activity, and they did not really show that spike proteins were created. He said that one sort of tried, but in an awkward way that was totally unconvincing.

I did not bookmark the url, but in a pinch I could try to find it again. In fact, looking at my browser history it might well be:
Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Germs, Disease & The Science
On Bitchute, so you can find the url. Also I was listening a bit on Odysee.

So is it really proven, or not, that mRNA creates spike proteins when injected into muscular tissue?

Your thoughts welcome.

Steven Avery

See Linkman for post info

Daniel Roytas

Facebook Post - Andy Kaufman on Spike on Sons of Liberty

Facebook Live - Andrew Kaufman on Sons of Liberty
Andrew actually raised the question, that I often raise, whether or not there really is any mRNA creation of spike proteins.

Also look at Ashley Fae stuff
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