when I was defending Homestead Heritage, we had respect and comaradarie

Steven Avery

Here is an example, from Howard Wheeler in 2006. He also complimented my insight in sharing with folks. Here we were discussing the Factnet forum. This is the full note.

howard wheeler wrote:

Steve, Yes, at this point and given the intransigence of all the posters, it seems unprofitable to really try to straighten out much of "our" position. Probably the most advantageous tack at this point is nonconfrontation as it only increases activity and therefore bumps Factnet higher up on the Google search engines. It was down on the fourth page but has risen to the first page due to activity. By the way, I did not "repudiate" you but told ART when he called only that you were not our proxy but had posted from the beginning on your own initiative. I said many good things about you and told him that he should lay off. He didn't listen apparently, as seems often the case given many of his postings. I really hope none of this postings junk gets to you as I have been grateful for you posting on our behalf and even more importantly that it has renewed our relationship. May God bless you, Howard
This warm comradarie lasted for many years, however when I would not come under the "Yahweh" dark side entity, and would not embrace their wild and weird position using corruption versions, (even the New Age version, TheMessage was ok for private use) they turned.

And I may add my saga of sharing (both ways) with Homestead Heritage, from the 1990s to today, including my almost 10 year (albeit sporadic) correspondence with Joel Stein. Interesting history.