when was the name of the Har Nitai village changed from Nazareth to Nitai? - thoughts from Frederic Parpinel

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Do you know the earliest that Nitai actually got its name for the area and the mountain. It is supposed to be based on a person in Midrash, Nittai of Arbela, (actually Mittai was his name) around BC 100, but that does not tell us if they were named AD 50 or AD 500. Perhaps they changed the name from Nazareth? Either out of embarrassment about Jesus or in honor of Mittai.
I just think we should have the best answer for the question, why is it called Nitai rather than Nazareth. Btw, this may be another argument for Nitai over Arbel, since the Arbel name does seem to pre-date Jesus.


... The fact that the family of Jesus was known at Capernaum (John 6:42) does exclude the traditional Nazareth, too far away. And Arbel and Nazareth being two different priestly courses, respectively the 9th and 18th, while Arbel and Har Nitai have vertiginous precipices, no more argument is needed.

It is possible that this man Mittai, around BC 100, came from Arbela west of Galilee, much farther than the actual mount Arbel close to Har Nitai, (see the two attachments below). Then Mittai and Nitai would be two very different names, not in relation with each other.
Let's not forget that if Jesus had railed against Chorazin, Bethsaida (Luke 10:13) even Capernaum in which he lived at the beginning of his ministry (Matthew 11:23), Nazareth would be under a curse as well. They had rejected Jesus and then tried to kill him. It wouldn't stay unpunished.
Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum had been deserted. The same for Nazareth.
"...Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?..." John 1:46

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