who should consider joining Homestead Heritage?

Steven Avery

1) you have researched the Tetragram and Traditional Hebrew and really have come to a conviction that “Yahweh” and “Yahshua“ are appropriate and acceptable.

2) you do not mind that the central theme is “Yahweh-worship”, above and beyond Jesus.

3) you believe in a statement of faith that saus that water baptism is a “pledge of the old man” with no mention of remission os sins

4) you believe that water baptism is a vow into one specific ministry and body and not an Acts 8 36-37-38 expression of repentance to faith in Jesus

5) you like the fact that no Bible available is the pure and perfect word of God and that it is the goal of Homestead Heritage to make up a version that will be more comfortable to their teachings

6) you like Bible scriptures to be read in a smorgasbord fashion from a dozen versions that differ radically in text and translation

7) you do not mind a ministry that has a habit of rewriting history, fabricating smears, phony accusations of blasphemy and demonic influence. And not caring at all when these problems are pointed out (except in the case of a lawsuit relating to confidentiality and defamation some years back)

8) you are looking forward to signing 100+ documents that will bind you to all the authority and decisions of the eldership

Having cleared these 8, you may move into aspects of appreciation of community, crafts, five-fold ministry, etc.
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