why and where do Alexandrinus and Sinaiticus have a similar vorlage? (Zosima studies)

Steven Avery

This relates to overlapping OT and Apocrypha books.

"Codex Alexandrinus ... In the Old Testament its text often agrees with Codex Sinaiticus." - Wikipedia

The codex contains a nearly complete copy of the LXX, including the deuterocanonical books 3 and 4 Maccabees, Psalm 151 and the 14 Odes. The "Epistle to Marcellinus" attributed to Saint Athanasius and the Eusebian summary of the Psalms are inserted before the Book of Psalms.

Zosima is largely this Alexandrinus through some intermediate editing steps from the Grabe Alexandrinus edition of a century earlier.
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Steven Avery

There is no intrinsic reason for Alexandrinus and Sinaiticus to be close. In the NT there is no relationship, and they were copied in different locales and times. Look at Vaticanus, and you will see massive differences (or Brenton, which is largely Vaticanus.)

The very fact of Alexandrinus and Sinaiticus being so close in so many books is due to one cause. Zosima, which is an off-shoot of the Grabe Alexandrinus, is a major source for Sinaiticus.