why is corrector Aleph2 (Ca) 7th century?

Steven Avery

This goes with the Plug-in-the-Date (palaeographic puzzles) studies.

Also this new thread focuses on the development of the Ca 7th century theory:

the Tischendorf plug-in-the-date guesswork led to the Josef Schmid blunder in reading the apparatus

personal research note: Linkman bookmarks (aleph2)

First I saw this picture on the BVDB site.

(it comes from this page
Codex Sinaiticus Project
http://www.codexsinaiticus.org/en/m...chapter=17&lid=en&side=r&verse=8&zoomSlider=0 )

Revelation 17:8

BVDB Revelation 17-8.jpg

Aleph 4th century original hand = και παρεστε
Aleph 7th century 2nd corrector = και παρεστιν
However, there is no explanation of the 7th century guess, and to make it worse, the ink and letter style is the same as the original.

So if Sinaiticus was written 4th century, this correction should be most likely 4th century.
If Sinaiticus was written 1840, this correction should be 1840.
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