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Terrain theory

The 'Terrain Theory' wiki page has been hijacked and redirected to 'Germ Theory Denialism'... (not even sure how denying a 'Theory' is a thing by the way) Any mention of 'Terrain Theory' has been completely erased. Antoine Béchamp has been completely disrespected. Clearly the vaccine industry sees the facts we are raising as a threat. Based on recent observations with the wording, the changes have come from paid vaccine industry shills. Can we please work together to correct this page and give the Terrain Model the respect it deserves 🙏

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You probably can begin to introduce changes, a key point is to make sure that the points being made are meticulously sourced.

An example. Stefan Lanka has a German page

which you can translate to English.
(He should have a separate English page.)


So there could be a solid section on Stefan Lanka on the absurd "Denialism" page. This would point to an extract quote, and to his Wiki page and to his main page, to start. Properly done, they would have no basis for a revert, and you would likely win a revert battle, since your section was meticiously sources. This new paragraph could be neutral in wording ..
"One scientist accused of germ theory denialism ... "

Probably similar can be done on the Denialism page with Kary Mullis, and numerous other individuals, papers and events or declarations.


And I was very involved in careful editing on the Johannine Comma section in Wikipedia.


Does anyone know where there is a copy of a "Terrain Theory" page no longer up? By changing the name it looks like they may have destroyed the edit trail, although it easily could be copied into other blog and web pages.


Germ Theory Denialism

Stefan Lanka - German

Terrain Theory - Wikiwand

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Terrain theory refers to a rejected hypothesis[1] of disease proposed by Antoine Béchamp that a diseased body, the "terrain", will attract germs to come as scavengers of the weakened or poorly defended tissue. Béchamp believed that the pH of the body is important, and that an acidic pH will attract germs and an alkaline pH will repel them.

In modern science, germ theory as developed by Louis Pasteur has been the scientific consensus for many years. Germ theory states that microorganisms, bacteria, virus and fungi, are the cause of most diseases. It is the cornerstone of modern medicine and treatment of disease.[2]
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