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Two Shoptimizer Reviews

George N June 1, 2021 at 7:12 pm

I do not recommend Shoptimizer unless you are a developer. The theme might be good but it is not ready to use after installation, it requires several of extra plugins and each needs configured as well as the theme. The setup video is 1hr20min and it talks a lot of technical stuff. If you want icons, you’ll have to copy-paste SVG code, if you want a home page, you’ll have to build it and so on. This theme doesn’t look anything like the demo, you’ll have to do all that yourself. It’s like buying a car and have it delivered pieces on pallets for you to assemble it. And the 10 days money back guarantee…it’s 10 days of email exchange and on 1th…sorry but it’s past 10 days. Wonder why they don’t sell this theme on ThemForest or other venues where real buyers can review it?

Jorge May 7, 2020 at 7:32 pm

After working day in day out for 2 weeks with shoptimizer now, I am actually surprised by this positive review. The options for customization are really good and it is easy to be made with no or just little coding needed.
Other than that, it doesn’t keep what they promise. My most critical point is not as nearly “highly-optimized for web and server performance”. It is a woocommerce site which includes elementor. This makes it unfortunately a huuuge theme with lots of scripts. If you customize a little bit and put some content into it, you can be super lucky if you reach a mark like 40 in the lighthouse speed test for mobile. Don’t wanna say everything is bad with theme. But if you are going with the “Mobile and Page Speed Optimized” USP like I did, you will be pretty disappointed.

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11 Fastest WordPress Themes in 2021 (Based on Thorough Testing)

22 Fastest WooCommerce Themes in 2021 (Based on Thorough Testing)

  • GTmetrix Speed Test (Legacy): A popular analysis tool that ranks sites with two types of speed scores. It also shows you load times, page sizes, and requests. The GTmetrix report is excellent for identifying areas to improve a site’s performance.
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test: Another speed test that lets you change your server location and view site data like the page size, load time, and requests. It also assigns a performance grade for every test.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: This offers scores and suggestions on improving site performance with specific details, like the time it takes for a site to become interactive or reveal its first image or text.
  • Bytecheck Website Speed Test: A TTFB (Time to First Byte) review, explaining how long it takes for the very first byte of data to appear on the screen.


The Fastest WooCommerce Themes















10 Fastest WordPress Themes in 2021 (Based On
Real Data)


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Divi and Elementor





This lists the PROS and CONS of DIVI nicely

Divi Builder Review: A Brutally Honest Look At This WordPress Theme Builder - Blog Marketing Academy





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Testing The7 Theme – How fast is it?

  • Design Wizard – a tool that helps you calculate ideal values for your website’s design based on general settings you provide
  • Design Library – 25 ready-to-use templates that you can run and also update to fit your needs
  • Theme Options – over 630 options you can use to fit your needs
  • Visual Composer with Ultimate Add-ons and The7 Elements
  • A lot of other things such as specific Custom Post Types, Page Templates, WooCommerce ready, MegaMenu etc.
I work with The7 theme exclusively - about 2 years now, and have found that with optimizing functions.php, as well as .htaccess, and using Autoptimize with WP Super Cache ... I can achieve decent load times. ** Note: I haven't used WP Rocket, but am going to.
When it comes to setting a site up with The7, I activate 'required plugins' and then deactivate nearly all.
WordPress is used as a CMS (for me) as opposed to a blog, and I have no need for galleries / can 'argue against' them with clients unless they're a photographer or have lots of events and if so, they'd also use blogging features, but I digress ... again I deactivate nearly all The7 plugins, as well as 'Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer'. ** Note: It was a tough call because carousels can be 'nifty,' but honestly ... why put content 'behind arrows' to click left-or-right to view all ... and why make your visitors think. Just put the content on the page.
There are some issues with The7 and all multipurpose themes: they are bloated.
When it comes to The7, I cannot for the life of me get the theme working without Google's jquery files ... no matter what I do. ** Annoying.
In addition, I could really live without the fontello and jquery.mousewheel.min.js files. ** Can't remove them, and I GREP as root to pinpoint file references. Annoying.
That said, I have The7 loading (and not looking 'ugly') in under 1 second without using a CDN as the majority of my clients are 'small local SEO clients' and a CDN is unnecessary. ** Page sizes are generally 500kb to 1mb.

Tony Web
Hey Chris,
(Chris 28 June 2017 à 10 h 58 min)
The7 Theme is driving me crazy it's not as fast as other templates and I strip the website down to just it's basic functions (ecommerce).
But still slow and it is driving me crazy lol. Anyways- do you have any tips on
which plugins to use to make this go faster?
by the way google page insights has me at poor 40/100 for mobile and 50/100 for desktops (I'm more interested in making the mobile 100/100 since a majority of our customers (90%) are all on mobile devices.
if anybody has any tips please let me know! not sure if I should just go with a new theme and take my losses...
Testing The7 Theme – How fast is it?

40 Fasted WordPress Themes in 2020
Fastest WordPress Themes with Video Backgrounds
#11 The7
When it comes to video backgrounds, the theme automatically takes more time. The7 is the fastest loading WordPress theme with a ton of customization options. Despite the video background, your website is load in seconds.