Benito Arias Montano

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Benito Arias Montano (1527-1598)

Benito Arias Montano (or Benedictus Arias Montanus; 1527–1598) was a Spanish orientalist and editor of the Antwerp Polyglot. ...

León de Castro, professor of Oriental languages at Salamanca, to whose translation of the Vulgate Arias had opposed the original Hebrew text, denounced Arias to the Roman, and later to the Spanish Inquisition for having altered the Biblical text, making too liberal use of the rabbinical writings, in disregard of the decree of the Council of Trent concerning the authenticity of the Vulgate, and confirming the Jews in their beliefs by his Chaldaic paraphrases. ...

He led the life of an ascetic, dividing his time between prayer and study. In addition to the works written in connection with the polyglot, the most celebrated of which is Antiquitatum judaicarum libri IX (Leyden, 1593), Arias left many commentaries on various books of the Bible; also: Humanae salutis monumenta (Antwerp, 1571); a Latin translation of the Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela, and other works on widely varying subjects. He was also celebrated as a poet, his verses being chiefly of a religious nature.
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General Repository and Review (1812)

Spain, its position and evangelization: also, Protestant religious liberty abroad (1883)
James Thomson

This looks to be an NT edition that is equivalent to the Antwerp, or Royal, Polyglot:

Novum testamentum graece, cum vulgata interpretatione latina graeci contextus lineis inserta (1583)

Very little commentary, except for showing
& hi tres, unum sunt
in the margin, as in the Complutensian.
And here we have his direct commentary on 1 John.

Benedicti Ariae Montani Elucidationes in omnia sanctorum apostolorum scripta. Eiusdem in S. Ioannis apostoli et euangelistæ Apocalypsin significationes (1588)
Benito Arias Montano

Discussion of truth of Jesus Christ
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Commentary on 1 John 5 ** COMMENTARY

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