CBGM hiding from the ending of Mark - ECM changes

Steven Avery

ECM Mark and More on the Way

Steven Avery7/20/2021 11:02 pm
Nobody has hinted, so here I ask.
The ending of Mark, with 1600+ Greek mss. with the ending, and 2 or 3 against ... where does the CBGM land?

Elijah Hixson7/21/2021 4:18 pm
I can't say, as the copies I ordered haven't arrived yet. It should be remembered though that the CBGM is one of the tools used by the editors, not the editor itself. Ultimately, the CBGM doesn't 'make' decisions—the editors using the CBGM do.

Steven Avery7/21/2021 8:44 pm
Right, and awawk CBGM does not even touch critical evidences like early church writers, the Latin texts, and the Syriac texts or grammatical-internal analysis. A very limited endeavor.
(Although in the Mark ending most of those missing links are massively for authenticity as well.)
Still, it will be interesting to see how this is handled by CBGM and then to ECM.

Elijah Hixson7/22/2021 5:32 pm
Correct, but even though the CBGM doesn't consider those things, the editors using the CBGM *do*. Again, it's one of the tools they use—not the only one. Calling it a very limited endeavor is like calling a hammer a very limited tool—the person using it has got more tools than just a hammer. The hammer does what it's made to do, other tools do things a hammer was not made to do, but ultimately, it's the person using them that does the work.

However, within its limited sphere.

What does the CBGM say about the Mark ending?
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Steven Avery

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