Critici Sacri - many Reformation era commentaries

Steven Avery

Critici sacri, sive Annotata doctissimorum virorum in vetus ac novum testamentum; quibus accedunt tractatus varii theologico-phililogici. Editio nova in novem tomos distributa, multis anecdotis commentariis, ac indice ad totum opus locupletissimo, aucta

Critici sacri was a compilation of Latin biblical commentaries published in London from 1660, edited by John Pearson...
An expanded edition was produced in Amsterdam from 1698 by a Dutch editorial group, credited as: Hendrick Boom, the widow of Dirk Boom, Johannes Janssonius van Waesberge, Gillis Janssonius van Waesberge, Gerardus Borstius,[SUP][14][/SUP] Abraham van Someren, Joannes Wolters, and Willem van de Water.[SUP][15][/SUP] The authors included in this collection are selectively listed by Adam Clarke:[SUP][16][/SUP][SUP][17][/SUP]

the compilers ... principally John Pearson (1613-1686), Bishop of Chester and later Professor of Theology at Cambridge, with his colleagues Anthony Scattergood, Francis Gouldman and Richard Pearson.
They brought together texts by Erasmus, Sebastian Münster, Joannes Drusius, Benedictus Arias Montanus, Isaac Casaubon, Edward Brerewood, Kaspar Waser, Hugo Grotius, Petrus Cunaeus, Joseph Scaliger, Johannes Cloppenburg, James Ussher and many more. New Testament commentary: Munster, Laurentius Valla, James Revius, Erasmus, Vatablus, Castalio, Clarius, Masius, Nicolas Zegerus (Nikolaas Zegers),[SUP][18][/SUP] Brugensis, Henry Stephens, Drusius, Scaliger, Isaac Casaubon, John Camera, James Capellus, Lewis Capellus, Otho Gualtperius, Abraham Schultetus, Grotius, and Pricaeus.
Critici Sacri - Synopsis


Laurentius Valla (1407-1457)

Jacobus Revius in Vallam

Erasmus Roterodamus
Critici sacri, sive Doctissimorum (1660)

Franciscus Vatablus (1495-1547)

Sebastianus Castalio (1515-1563)

Isidorus Clarius (1495-1555)

Nicolaus Zegerus (1495-1555)

Lucas Brugensis (1549-1615)

Henricus Stephanus (1503-1559)

Johannes Drusius (1550-1616)

Joannes Camero (1579-1625)

Jacobus Cappellus (1570–1624)

John Price (1600-1676)

Hugo Grotius (1583-1645)


Not in Critici Sacri

Josephus Justus Scaliger (1640-1609) - may have denied authenticity of the epistle
"he who has lived to throw light upon a single passage of Scripture, has not lived in vain"

Isaacus Casaubonus (1559-1614)

Otho Gualtperius

Ludovicus Cappellus (1585-1658) Louis