Curated Commentary Lists


I have the software that will take a simple tabs-sep list of "reference\tab comment" and
will turn it into an OSIS commentary file, which can be used to generate a sword Commentary file,
that can be read alongside an Bible with most sword based bible reading software.

Is there any interest in doing curated Commentary Lists? There can be more that one. as you can mix and match what goes into the Commentary. It's the only way that I can see to make the wealth of knowledge on the site available to a broad audience of users. and it works independently of the bible.

There's a bit of a catch in that, at first glance, you have to standardize on one versification system, i.e. KJV, so if you apply the commentary to a bible with different versification, things might not line up.
Usually the differences are minor, and there are ways to deal with the problem.

Anyone interested?