'Days of Elijah' - mangled at the 2009 Fair - "there is no God like .."

Steven Avery

Most of my time at the 2009 Fair was exceedingly pleasant.
Lots of walking, fresh air, some learning, good food, and discussions with good friends from the 1970s and 1980s.

One experience, however, provided a bit of a shockeroo.

The music was going on in a tent, hundreds of people listening. I was sitting next to my best friend Barry. Most of the music was quite good, although when I was in the fellership there never was a clapping thing going on.

The song Days of Elijah (No God like Jehovah) by Robin Mark began. This is quite popular in charismatic and messianic circles, and you might like the version by Judy Jacobs on the internet.

However, I ran into a major mangling.

They took out Jehovah, and put in the dark-side name "yahweh" (jupiter).

And I was frozen for a couple of seconds, and the Holy Spirit touched me, and I RAN the aisles .. OUT of the tent.

Had a little discussion with Gary, Barry, maybe one other.

It was an incredible learning experience for me .. helped me to begin to understand how evil is that "oy-veh". I had a certain level of understanding before that point, and it became clearer and clearer in the years ahead.
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