Erasmus biographers

Steven Avery




Perserved Smith (1880-1941)

Erasmus A Study Of His Life Ideals And Place In History (1923, 1962 edition)

Roland Herbert Bainton (1894-1984)

Erasmus of Christendom (1969)

Beatus Rhenanus (1485-1547)
He also wrote ... a nine-volume work on his friend Erasmus (1540-1541)

Christian Humanism and the Reformation: Selected Writings of Erasmus, with His Life by Beatus Rhenanus and a Biographical Sketch by the Editor (1965, 1987 expanded 3rd ed)
John C. Olin (1915-2000)
The Introduction is a fine bio

Six Essays on Erasmus and a Translation of Erasmus' Letter to Carondelet, 1523 (1979)

Erasmus bilbiography in Christian Humanism

possibly add Charles Butler

and moderns,
Henk de Jonge, Erika Rummel, Cecilia Asso, Lu Ann Homza, Grantley McDonald et al
Bentley, Bietenholz