foundational interpretative blunder - passed down from Newton to many contras

Steven Avery

how is the testimony in heaven distinguished from that on earth? It is the same spirit which witnesses in heaven and in earth.

Two Notable Corruptions (1828);view=1up;seq=9 (1754) p. 76

The historical interpretations that use the heavenly and earthly spirit generally have the major distinguishing element.

The heavenly witnesses have the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost).
The earthly witnesses have an interpretation such as the spirit of Jesus which is referenced in the Gospels of John and Luke.

The claim is simply false, and amazingly is quoted without noting the error by:

Orme (1828)

Samuel Davidson (1830)

Horne (1835)

Johann Peter Lange .. commentator M (1900)

There is a logical obtuseness that is common when the contras try to defend the short corrupt text.