Francis Cheynell

Steven Avery

Athanasius, Theophilus and Cyprian.

Grantley has:

"Moreover, Cheynell asserts that the comma was known to Athanasius, Theophilus and Cyprian."

Howerver, the text has Athanasius ad Theophilum. I checked because Theophilus does not pass the smell test. :)

Steven Avery

Internal Evidence

He mentions many 1600s writers, who normally fall under the radar.

Franz Gomar (1563 – 1641)

Johann Heinrich Alting (1583-1644)

Joachim Stegman (1595-1633)

Salomo Glassius (1593-1656)
D. Sal. Glassium de Consubstantialitate Christi

Glassius Phontinus and more - Bellarmine is well known.
The issues with Racovian catechism and Socinus and David Frank