Graham G. Thomason - superb paper reviews the Alexandrinus visual review history

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Graham G. Thomason


A superb new paper for 2019:

The Reading of Codex Alexandrinus in 1 Timothy 3:16
Verification of Dean Burgon's Evidence
Graham Thomason, 13th March, 2019

All papers on 1 Timothy 3:16 - (all listed below except the Burgon one)

Verification of Burgon's Patristic Evidence for Reading Θεός in 1 Timothy 3:16

One tweak on Alexandrinus found so far.
This page from John Berriman gives the text from:

William Wotton (1666-1727)

it was not a verbal reference from Berriman :) . Note, I have not put much effort into the Wotton primary source, and I do have a bit more in the Thomason paper to review. This paper really fills a big need, by enhancing the Berriman studies and also adding solid scholarship and analysis.

Also, in the Scripture Authentic and Fabricated paper, he mistakenly says that the corruption text is "He was manifested in the flesh".


If you search "procul semper legebatur" you do find some more 1800s references.

Clearly, this could use a precise Latin-->English translation as well.
Note the reference to Junius, presumably:

Franciscus Junius (the younger)

Scripture, Authentic and Fabricated - (revised 2018)
p. 33-41 is 1 Timothy 3:16

1 Timothy 3:16 in the Church Fathers

1 Timothy 3:16 in the Manuscripts
Spreadsheet - xlsx

The Reading of 1 Timothy 3:16 in Codex C
Graham Thomason

1 Timothy 3:16 in Codices F and G

1 Timothy 3:16 in the Lectionaries
spreadsheet - xlsx

1 Timothy 3:16 in the Harklean Syriac

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