Isaiah 29:12 - letter compression? or modern Greek form?

Steven Avery


I need to know how the editors of Sinaiticus' website know about compressing the letters by the original writers. If you help me to debunk the sigma thing as a "letter compression", I would have a proof that ΧΙΡΑ (in Isaiah 29:12) is a modern Greek form of a proper name Hira. The problem is that the editors of the website indicates in the apparatus that the original reading was ΧΙΡΑϚ and only epsilon was added by the corrector. However, I'm suspecting that sigma was almost certainly also added by Cb3, and that the original writer ( scribe B ) wrote ΧΙΡΑ (Hira), while epsilon and sigma were inserted by Cb3 to obtain reading for "hands".

Steven Avery

Isaiah, 29:9 - 30:8 library: BL folio: 53 scribe: B

γειϲται γαρ · και δο
θηϲεται το βιβλι
ον τουτο ειϲ χιραϲ
ανθρωπου · μη ε
πιϲταμενου γραμʼ
ματα ˙ και ερι αυτω ·
αναγνωθι ταυτα
και ερι . ουκ αιπιϲτα
μαι γραμʼματα ˙

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