James Snapp and Nazaroo on the Sinaiticus blank space

Steven Avery

Basically, James was successful in showing that the original pages, before the cancel sheet, could not have included the full ending of Mark, in any type of normal writing. However, there are various other nuances.

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New Testament Textual Criticism

Here are some pics.

First the page from the British Library.

Codes Sinaiticus Project

It takes a little while to come up to speed on this.

If you put in "Codex Sinaiticus: - Mark's Ending " to google the second url leads to many pics (Facebook direct chokes on it for no reason known except that it is a freely hosted domain where other sites can be no good).

Wilbur Pickering made some comments that are very edgy. James Snapp has an article on the topic.

First, though, it is good to simply understand what you have.

The "arabesque" flourishes are especially noticeable. "Stop here... the ending is over "

They are one factor in why Pickering did not accept the cancel-sheet as authentic antiquiity.
Then we get to the series from Nazaroo. Here are parts 5, 6 and 7.

Sinaiticus & Mark's Ending (Pt 5): James Snapp Jr.

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