Johann Hermann Janssens ( Jean Herard )

Steven Avery

Johann Hermann Janssens (1783-1853)

Listed as a defender by Burgess, with other good names.

nor is it abandoned by Janssens in his Hermenutica Sacra, the latest work of Sacred Criticism which has appeared on the Continent, and of which a French translation has been published this year, 1828.

p. 44
Janssens, who might have heard of it, quotes Amelotte without scruple, as I find in the French Translation of his Hermenutica Sacra, (vol. ii. p. 83. Paris, 1828.)

Steven Avery

Herméneutique sacrée ou introduction à l'Ecriture sainte en général et en particulier à chacun des livres de l'Ancien et du Nouveau Testament, à l'usage des séminaires - Volume 2 - (1828)
p. 330-333

p. 244-247

I have notes that Tobac says Mangenot and Janssens are contras, but no spot right now.
Bludau looks like has him pro
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