John Cassian

Steven Avery

John Cassian is normally placed as a Greek omitter.

However, the apparatus of UBS-3 (UBS editions are a bit confusing, this can be checked, UBS-3 might have two distinct apparatuses, after they did some enhancement) had him on the positive side in parenthesis (allusion). Notice Ps-Cyprian, which might be Hundredfold Martyrs.




The one spot that I know of special interest is in Book 7 on the Incarnation, Against Nestorius

John Cassian

"earthly and heavenly witnesses alike"

And He surely came and did not keep silence, who before that He in His own person uttered anything after His birth, made known His advent by both earthly and heavenly witnesses alike, while the star points Him out, the magi adore Him, and angels declare Him.

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