Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - LRO

Steven Avery

Moon landing hoax

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
I understand that there were flags and equipments left behind on the moon surface by the 12 Apollo missions. Why can't we just point our telescopes to their locations and debunk the conspiracies surrounding the non-landings once and for all?

We already have.
Photos of the 6 Apollo landing sites were taken from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter in 2009 which clearly show everything you’ve listed.
The problem is, all the nutjobs who think it was all faked think the photos are faked too, which just goes to show that people who claim it’s all just a big deception will never be convinced by ANY evidence you present to them. You could literally put them ON the Moon at the landing sites and they would still declare it was faked - which just goes to show how disingenuous they really are.