Manuel Calecas

Steven Avery

Emanuel Calecas (d. 1410)

John Mill
Manuel Calecas, Libro de Principiis Fidei Catholicae, apud Combesisium in Auctuario, p. 519.
Original 1710

In the XlVth Century, and about 1360 liv’d Manuel Calecas a Greek Writer, who Publishl’d a Tract concerning the Principles of the. Catholick Faith, in which this Text is inserted. Tho’ our Inquirer feems not pleas’d with Dr. Mill for mentioning him, yet I hope he’ll allow me to take Notice of him, because it directly answers my End, which is to shew, that this Text was not counted spurious in the Time he liv’d in.

Thirteen Sermons Concerning the Doctrine of the Trinity: Preach'd at the Merchant's-lecture, at Salter's Hall (1722)
Edmund Calamy

Louis Roger

Prudent Maran
Manuel Calecas in libro de principiis fidei catholicae sic versum septimum citat in Auctuario novissimo Combesisii, pag. 219.
Tres sunt, qui testimonium dant, Pater, et Verbum et Spiritus Sanctus (1746) (1859)

William Wright

These were chosen for either being early, or having specific text and/or publication history.
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Steven Avery

Contra attempts to acknowledge and lessen the evidence.
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Herbert Marsh
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