Martin Luther - the later years

Steven Avery

Martin Luther - the later years

The evidence that Luther's view changed later in life.
Today, I added some new evidences as well.

(None of this is covered by Grantley McDonald.)

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The heavenly witnesses also arises in :

Disputationen Dr. Martin Luthers: in d. J. 1535-1545 an der Universität Wittenberg gehalten, Volume 2 (1896)
Paul Drews

Paul Gottfried Drews (1958-1012)

This ongoing usage in the disputation seems to give additional support to the view that the opposition of Luther to the verse was more in his early years.

Volume 1 is here - however, I have not found heavenly witnesses material in this Volume

Your review and thoughts welcome!


This goes with other evidences that Luther's view modified after his early strident contra position, that went back to the early Erasmus editions without the verse.

Possibly the best summary of some of this material is from Ezra Abbot, although you have to stick with the "facts on the ground" and skip Abbot's animus against the majestic Bible verse.

I. John V.7 and Luther's German Bible
[From the Christian Intelligencer (or May ij, 1879.)
Ezra Abbot


All this is planned for some expansion, including the salient info from Abbot.