Matthieu Souverain

Steven Avery

BCEME - p. 166

Newton ...Locke ... Matthieu Souverain’s bombshell Platonism unveiled (Le Platonisme dévoilé), in which he argued that Christianity had been corrupted early in its history by contact with pagan philosophy, particularly Platonism.171 On the matter of the Johannine comma, Souverain suggested that Fulgentius had failed to recognise that Cyprian’s apparent quotation of the Johannine comma was the result of allegorical interpretation. This allegorical manner of reading Scripture had led some of the fathers to equate the Johannine logos with Plato’s second god.172

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172 Souverain 1700, 225–226.

Souverain, Matthieu. Le Platonisme dévoilé. Cologne [Amsterdam]: Pierre Marteau [Sebastiaan Petzold], 1700.

Steven Avery

Platonism Unvieled
The Faith of One God, who is Only the Father; and of One Mediator Between God and Men, who is Only the Man Christ Jesus, and of One Holy Spirit, the Gift (and Sent) of God: Asserted and Defended, in Several Tracts Contained in this Volume .... ¬A Third Collection Of Tracts : Proving The God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the only True God, And Jesus Christ the Son of God, him whom the Father sanctified and sent, raised from the Dead and exalted. And disproving the Doctrine of Three Almighty real subsisting Persons, Minds or Spirits . (1695)