Maurice Robinson on the grammar of 1 Timothy 3:16

Steven Avery


From May, 2011, on a defunct forum.

It would help if further inquiry were made on such points before making blanket suggestions. In fact, the relative pronoun *can* introduce a series of clauses *without* an initially expressed antecedent; cf. Jn 3:26, “He who [hOS] was with you begond the Jordan, to whom [hW] you bore witness….”.

In addition, cf. Mt 10:38, “He who [hOS] does not take his cross” (with no antecedent whatever); Lk 9:50 “He who is not against you” (with no antecedent whatever); Ac 9:39 “When he [hON] had come….” (with no antecedent in the accusative); Ac 13:31, “And he [hOS] was seen many days….” (with no antecedent in the nominative);